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To view more pictures, click on the picture    Only those people can speak with authority about these foods, who have ample experience of them. I would like to share my experiences with you, as I have not only been growing these foods for many years, but have also consumed them and experimented with them on myself. While I talk to you about the wheat juice and the wheat sprout, I will also tell you my observations of my experiments. It is not possible to separate the two, so I will talk about them collectively. The feedback of every word, sentence and experiences that I receive back from the 'unhealthy/healthy' consumers, has been my guide along the way. Experience is knowledge. Knowledge is not meaningful or authentic, unless it is an experience shared with others.

The whole thing is about life!

   The sprouting wheat and the wheat grass is life itself. When I talk about sprouting seeds I am thinking about the miniature seeds that are starting life in the same way as all other living plants. These are seeds that crack open to allow tiny sprouts of two or three millimetres to grow.
They possess a combination of food sources that are necessary to the development of the fully-grown plant. This nourishment is in such a concentrated form in the sprouting seed, that it is enough to ensure the fast and strong growth of a fully-grown plant.
To view more pictures, click on the pictureLet us think of the mother's milk. In the same way that the mother's milk ensures all the necessary nutrition for the beginning of a child's life, the sprouting seed also provides all the enzymes, vitamins and minerals a hundred fold for the future plant, so it can grow and develop to be strong and healthy. How civilisation interferes with this after this point, is another subject of discussion.

What happens to us once we consume it?

   Our bodies will be the beneficiaries of the bountiful nutrition, which had been reserved for the nurturing of the plant.
Before I get involved in detail, I would just like to say a few words to those people, who have so far only consumed the sprouting seeds simply because they enjoyed and enjoy eating them. Because the chemical make-up of the sprout is concentrated (1000-1500 times), there is more active ingredient in the sprout, than in a fully-grown plant. This means that the active ingredient of a minute onion sprout exceeds that of the grown onion. Those of you, who have consumed a whole tub of sprouting onion seeds, will know this. This is why these minute plants can heal so effectively.