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Bio wheat juice

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   Ann Wigmore and Viktoras Kulvinskas who founded the Hippocrates Health Clinic in 1963 have taught the "Live Nourishment" way of life to many thousands of people. Bio wheat juice, this wondrous green liquid known as "God's Manna", is the most important rock on which this life style is built. Our planet has been host to all types of grasses for more than five million years, and they have played a considerable role in its evolution. Animals like the elephant, buffalo, horses etc., have always lived on this chlorophyll rich food as their primary source of food and they have become and remained the strongest and healthiest animals throughout their lives. The human digestive system is unable to digest great amounts of high-fibre. On the other hand, the freshly pressed juices, (chlorophyll cocktail) with their excellent natural cleansing, healing, nourishing and regenerating properties have become the centre of attention in the US and throughout the world during the past few decades.


The healing chlorophyll

   When we compare the molecular structure of chlorophyll and haemoglobin, which are the oxygen transporters to our body's twenty-three trillion cells, then we can see the similarities. The difference is, that the nucleus of chlorophyll contains magnesium and the haemoglobin contains iron.
The chlorophyll takes in carbon dioxide and gives out oxygen while producing ATP, which is the biological process of the chemical energy source. The haemoglobin takes in oxygen and transports it to the cells, from where it transports carbon dioxide to the lungs. Naturally, I do not recommend that one should live on green leaves and herbs, so as to become large and strong like an elephant, but if the fresh green juices are introduced into the daily diet, particularly wheat juice, then one can gain wonderful advantages and experiences in life.
Let us see the miracles! The bio wheat juice contains every mineral, which is necessary for our body. It is a perfect source of protein: and all the essential ammonia acids are provided in the right proportions. Bio wheat juice is one of the richest sources of vitamins A and C. It contains equal proportions of E, F, K, and B vitamins. Its significant content of B 7 (laetrile) is believed by scholars and researchers to kill off the cancer cells without affecting any healthy cells. It helps digestion and the functioning of inner organs. It destroys the (pathogenic) attacking bacteria and helps to restore the balance of the good bacteria in the intestines, which process is essential for a healthy immune system. Dr.G.H. Erp-Thomas, pioneer researcher and soil specialist, was able to show more than one hundred different components in fresh wheat juice. In his opinion it is one "perfect food". The nutrition of 3 kilograms of wheat grass is equivalent to 70 kilograms of randomly selected raw bio vegetables.

(G. H. Erp-Thomas, A New Concept in Diet, Boston: Rising Sun Publication, 1978.)

About wheat juice and its use!

    Wheat grass is not a medicine. It has no harmful side effects on a healthy body! It has a slightly different effect on each individual. Due to its active ingredients, it affects the functioning of the entire constitution positively; it breaks down the harmful tissue/substances in our system. It is a very intensive detox. 2-3 days after drinking the wheat juice, the passing of stronger smelling, cloudy and more concentrated urine at frequent intervals is likely. The excrement will become looser, but it will not mean troublesome diarrhoea all day. The deposited toxins in the cells enter the bloodstream and continuously wash out in the urine, faeces and through the skin. During the detoxing process it may be difficult to tolerate the smell of the bio wheat juice. The cause of this is the reaction to the toxin that has entered the bloodstream. This sensation will stop with the continued detoxing of the body.

After the first 2-3 weeks of intensive detoxing, there are only positive effects.

Loss of weight, normal bowel movements, increased vigour, more energy at work and stronger resistance to illnesses are characteristic. As a result of the high chlorophyll content of the wheat grass, the blood is enriched with oxygen and the oxygen supply to the cells improves; therefore it plays a key role in the clearing of inflammation.

Préseink megtekintéséhez kattintson a képre!

The pressed (squeezed) juice cannot be stored even in the refrigerator. Because of its high enzyme, and protein content, the basic components break down. It should only be consumed fresh on an empty stomach. Liquids may be consumed half an hour later and a short time after that solid food is permitted. Bio wheat juice is effective even if one does not change one's eating habits, but the detox process can be helped and speeded up by reducing meat and dairy produce in one's diet during the first few weeks.

Information regarding its consumption.

Why does it need to be pressed? The human stomach is incapable of digesting the fibre of the grass, and we would be unable to chew enough grass to provide the body with the required amount of juice.

It is possible to start consuming bio wheat juice by the tablespoon, although it is not necessary to measure it. It is not medicine! The dosage should be increased daily. For good health maintenance and detox purposes one large dose is enough per day. It is not a problem, if one starts with 0.5 decilitres, the detoxing begins more quickly but it is possible, that sleepiness will manifest itself for the first few days. 1-1.5 decilitres (100 ml-150ml) is plenty enough as maximum dosage; there is no need for more and this high dosage is recommended in cases of illness.

One pack of wheat grass is 30 decagrams (300 grams), which is equivalent to 20 tablespoons of juice.

Expectant and breast-feeding mothers can also consume it without any problems. Children from the age of two should have one coffee-spoonful (smaller than a tea spoon).

The wheat grass must be stored in the fridge. In this way it will last one week. Each day you take out one handful and press it. Once daily.

It is our body that is capable of healing itself, not the bio grass juice, but it helps the body to get to the point at which it is able to cure itself. Many illnesses are cured as a result.

How long can we go on consuming wheat grass juice?

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   Indefinitely. When the detoxing process is finished, the cells are able to renew, regenerate.

How can we use it?

   It can be spread onto the face and left for a half an hour, used as eye drops for conjunctivitis, for allergies, inserted into the vagina, pushed into the rectum in a concentrated form in cases where it is indicated.

Wheat grass is grown from spelt wheat, not eating wheat. It needs to be harvested when it reaches the height of 15-20cm. If it is left to grow longer, it grows too high in a few days, turns yellow, and the juice loses its quality. It has to be harvested at the right time. It can be diluted with cucumber juice, or celery juice, but it is most effective on its own as a concentrate.

Wheat grass is available at the ÖKO market in Budapest on Saturdays from 7.00am - 12 midday (Bp. XI. ker. a MOM kulture house courtyard and IV. ker. Baross u. 11.), BIOHÁLÓ shops (Bp. II. ker. Frankel Leó u. 36 sz. és VI. ker. Ötvös u. 8 sz.), or from bio-shops by order.

How should you drink the grass juice?

    We recommended that you drink it on an empty stomach! The bio wheat juice should be consumed pressed when fresh. On the first occasion, following a tried and tested procedure, it should be drunk in small quantities (approx. one tablespoonful) slowly, in small sips. After half an hour, liquid and food can be consumed. Depending on the tester's reaction, the quantity may be increased day by day. Based on observation, the bio wheat juice is the strongest detoxer and due to its very high enzyme content it starts acting on toxins with immediate effect. Continued regular consumption is recommended. It is possible that the routine detox effects will increase. These are signs of the body detoxing itself of the toxins, which have build up over the past of 20,30or 40 years.

Wheat grass juice for everything

Use it in first aid.
In cases of cuts, burns, stings, apply some drops to the affected area of the skin.
In more serious cases, (open wounds, ulcers, tumours, boils etc., soak the fibre with the juice and cover the affected area with it, using it as a compress.
Putting it onto the hair, one hour before wash will help the regeneration of tired lifeless hair. It is also effective for curing dandruff if rubbed into an itchy scalp.
Gargling or chewing the grass, then spitting out the fibre will freshen breath and will ease a sore throat. It reduces bleeding gum and it is capable of clearing swollen, infected gums.
The finely sieved bio wheat sprout juice can be used as eye drops (1 drop). It will calm redness and will reduce itchy burning sensations.
Gynaecological problems (i.e. fungal infections, sterility, tumours) 1 decilitre (100 ml) of bio wheat juice kept in the vagina (in a 'candle' position 10-20 minutes) will show beneficial results.
In every case especially in intestinal, digestive and detox problems, it is advisable after colonic irrigation to introduce wheat juice into the rectum daily 2-3 times and leave it in there for 20 minutes. Test results carried out over many years at the Hippocrates Health Clinic have shown that with this method the equilibrium of the colon electrolytes is quickly and effectively restored.