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Bio alfalfa sprout

Contains minerals, which are alkalescent to the blood.
Its fibres absorb the cholesterol sediments from the walls of the blood vessels and its saponin content scrapes these off and dissolves them.
Its high manganese content reduces blood-sugar levels.
It helps with arthritic inflammation and rheumatism. Good for stomach ailments.
It boosts milk production in breast-feeding mothers.
It is a roborant tonic.
Because of the vast number of vegetable hormones it has a wonderful store of oestrogen, which can prevent the development of breast cancer.
Helps prevent vaso-constriction.
Its vitamin B12content prevents the development of thromboses, reduces excessive monthly bleeding for women and checks uterine haemorrhages.
It is a nutriment for colon inflammation sufferers.
The L succin acid is responsible for the elasticity of the interstitial tissue.

Recipe suggestion

Slices of whole-meal bread, 200g-cheese spread, 100g alfalfa sprouts.
Spread the bread slices thickly with the cheese; heap generously with alfalfa sprout, season with mustard, serve with beetroot, sunflower seeds and mixed sprouts to your liking.