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Bio mustard sprout

Its healing qualities are similar to that of radish sprout.
For gall and liver complaints.
For digestion complaints, constipation, bloated feeling.
Beneficial for sciatica, skin rash.
A stimulant, a tonic.
It loosens muscle tension and stimulates blood circulation.
It stimulates perspiration, which is necessary for reducing temperature, and leads to recovery from colds and influenza.
Chest pains, discharging mucus and chesty mucus can be cured with it.
It cleans the blood and clears skin rash.
Similarly to the radish sprout, it can be used as a compress.

Recipe suggestion

300-400g cabbage, 150 g carrot, 50-100 g bean sprout, 1egg yolk, 2 tsp lemon juice, 5 tbsp sunflower oil, 2 tbsp yoghurt, 1tsp mustard, freshly ground pepper, 3 tbsp alfalfa sprout, fresh parsley.
Mix the egg yolk with the lemon juice, oil, yoghurt, and mustard, season with pepper. Chop the cabbage and carrots and mix with the rest of the ingredients. Leave to stand for a short time.